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Entrepreneurship II – BMDW Group – Ripple effect

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It was one fine evening, to be exact, 27 May 2014, at one of the food court of Star Vista Tower at Buona Vista in Singapore.

Group : Why do you want to join BMDW group? What is your purpose as individual in joining this group?

ME : I want to be rich in the right proper way of earning (buddhism)  in order to support family and contribute back to my community.


Group: What are the effects to your close circle, family, relatives if BMDW group succeed?

ME : Very much effective because of my delegation theory, which is, there must always be second in command when commander in chief is not available meaning, whatever business I am doing, my wife and my closed family memebers can always run the business without me. And I always puropsely find or choose or create business which can replicate and delegate to my family.


Group: What are the impact to the community in terms of joining the group?

ME : Especially start up community, the ones who wants to do business or to build a start up company in Myanmar.


Those are Q&A session of my day one with the founding team of BMDW. And my first impression was great. And I thank all members (5 persons) for giving me a chance in BMDW journey.

BMDW group is mainly running work shop for Strategic Management tool, called Business Model Canvas created by Alexander Osterwalder. The objective is to help Myanmar Businessmen and Startup Entrepreneurs to learn how to create effective business model. So far, we had successfully run 3 workshops in Yangon, Myanmar and 4 workshops in Singapore. There will be workshops series coming in next year 2015.

You can find our facebook and web site below for detail information. Currently we are rebooting our business and we will be launching new website and new communication channel for 2015 very soon.

All in all , I am very pleased with what I did and what I contributed to this group and, most importantly, learned with the group. With that I close my Entrepreneurship chapter II with this post and I will move on with next blog sereis, Founders’ life.

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My Road to Entrepreneurship PART I

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I have a habit of never stop believing in polishing myself, meaning I always look out for rooms to improve myself in terms of knowledge, professional skills, sports, fashion, I mean, all aspects of my life.

Education may stops but learning never stop, yeah, that’s me. Since I always explore things outside of my comfort zone, I have met a lot of new people, great people, throughout my life in Singapore Strangely enough, there were online friends too through twitter most of the time, but the strangest part was that, I never thought I was going to do business with someone I only knew online.

Yeah, I did. I made my first step of doing business (considerable amount of money in USD) with the one I met through LinkedIn. He was Regional Sales Director of E-Blue ( products from Taiwan.

So, long story short, after we exchanged several emails, and after going through all the risks I have (I am not rich by the way, I am just average pay check IT professionals), I thought, yes, I will give it a shot and regardless of profit or lost I am sure I will learn something.

I was right, I did learn more than I can chew J, I meant it in a good way.

The grand plan was simple one, I thought, by getting samples order from China factory and shipped to Yangon , Myanmar, full stop, for the first round.

Nope, it wasn’t that easy, here are the list of things I have done during 6 months time frame.


  • For any kind of products import/export from oversea, you have 3 price list, FOB factory price, distributor price and retail price. With that said, I need to make sure I put reasonable profit margin for my distributor as well as for my retailer
  • Margin percentage. You need to calculate correctly and need to make sure, at that end of the day all 3 parties are happy (me, my distributor and my retailer)
  • Minimum requried order. I need to order at least the base line of minimum orders defined by supplier
  • I need to decide the shipping method, to make sure it does not cost me much since I am ordering only minimum for testing.
  • Transfering of payment to oversea account. I’ve never done anything about it. So it was a bit overcharged, because there were hidden charges from banks (receiving bank and sending bank.)
  • Clearance of Customs at Yangon, Myanmar. This is where my big headache is. If you don’t have any proper license for import/export goods to Myanmar, your goods will stay forever in Customs. Since this is the small amount of orders, I thought Customs will leave me alone. Well, never work on assumption, TRT, never.
  • Talking to distributors and selling to retailers. Never easy. Luckily my in laws have some good connections and I can manage to my products put on the displays of one the retail shop, technically, ONE.


Yeah, that’s it, here is what I gained.


  • Devil is in Details, please learn the market first, please learn the process first and make sure every specific details are not on assumption but on facts, purely facts.
  • I learned about banking process on overseas account and how they charged exchange rate, private banking service etc.
  • I learned how the logistics works , well, at least for computer accessories, and what are the alternate route for logistics, for example, cross border trades are much much cheaper than DHL and shipping.
  • I learned even if it is a small amount of products list and just 2 digits calculation, when it comes to profit and loss, you have to work you ass out for getting profit in a right way (win-win).
  • This would be one of my best learning experience of all time, as I won’t forget the feel and reel of the moments.





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My Religion  (Triathlon 2013 and 2014)

Category : Sport


I have been hitting gym and swimming since 2009, regularly, 3 or 4 days a week as HP has very good facility for sports. However, I don’t have any purpose yet, just for the sake of looking good J , before I met my colleague on 2013, who has been organizing Triathlon for HP. Since then I am additive to this sport and it’s been very rewarding in terms of physically and emotionally. Without purpose and love, life is nothing right?


I started with Relay team for Triathlon 2013, together with my other colleagues. I was the swimmer and the other 2 were cycling and running. It was exciting as well as adventurous especially for me as I swam in the open water (750 m). There are so many differences between swimming in the pool and swimming in the open water. You need to swim against Tide, Rain or Shine, and scary of them all, need to swim with crowd. Yes I said CROWD, by definition, a large number people gathered together in a disorganized way, meaning, please do not expect any manner whatsoever while swimming. Luckily it wasn’t that much crowed in 2013, may be because I swam behind the crowd. However, unfortunately, one or two swimmers in front of me were drowning or cramping, a rescue boat was pumping a lot of waves for me to drown in hopeless. Well, I survived, but that’s was a learning moment.


So next year in 2014, I participated in Individual Sprint (750m Swim, 20km Bike, 5m Run), but this time I swim in the crowd. Another problem, lots of hitting and kicking in the middle of open water, it’s better than last one, I suppose. This year, the scary part was cycling, I have never seen anybody cycling that competitive and in aggressive manner. A few bike crashes in front of me, and splash of blood on the road, which makes me scare the hell out of me. After all, racing is just for fun and I am not aiming for Olympic medal or be an iron man. So my motto is yes, just for fun and survive the race , that’s all, the rest I give to all my competitors, just take it all you can.


Here are my not so fabulous photos of race day, I look shit , coming out from water.


1185900_701469066536787_1628895452_n 1017008_701469263203434_2019568820_n 1011625_701443159872711_2022697073_n 996587_701442923206068_1959902885_n 10431454_928978287119196_925433027528822281_n 14215_928978230452535_3883982094482482467_n 10584029_928978260452532_4472503792006268778_n 1006050_701469116536782_293312584_n 10443994_939603962721667_3314640406062332685_n