Entrepreneurship II – BMDW Group – Ripple effect

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Entrepreneurship II – BMDW Group – Ripple effect

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It was one fine evening, to be exact, 27 May 2014, at one of the food court of Star Vista Tower at Buona Vista in Singapore.

Group : Why do you want to join BMDW group? What is your purpose as individual in joining this group?

ME : I want to be rich in the right proper way of earning (buddhism)  in order to support family and contribute back to my community.


Group: What are the effects to your close circle, family, relatives if BMDW group succeed?

ME : Very much effective because of my delegation theory, which is, there must always be second in command when commander in chief is not available meaning, whatever business I am doing, my wife and my closed family memebers can always run the business without me. And I always puropsely find or choose or create business which can replicate and delegate to my family.


Group: What are the impact to the community in terms of joining the group?

ME : Especially start up community, the ones who wants to do business or to build a start up company in Myanmar.


Those are Q&A session of my day one with the founding team of BMDW. And my first impression was great. And I thank all members (5 persons) for giving me a chance in BMDW journey.

BMDW group is mainly running work shop for Strategic Management tool, called Business Model Canvas created by Alexander Osterwalder. The objective is to help Myanmar Businessmen and Startup Entrepreneurs to learn how to create effective business model. So far, we had successfully run 3 workshops in Yangon, Myanmar and 4 workshops in Singapore. There will be workshops series coming in next year 2015.

You can find our facebook and web site below for detail information. Currently we are rebooting our business and we will be launching new website and new communication channel for 2015 very soon.

All in all , I am very pleased with what I did and what I contributed to this group and, most importantly, learned with the group. With that I close my Entrepreneurship chapter II with this post and I will move on with next blog sereis, Founders’ life.


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