The Founding Team Part II – Collaboration

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The Founding Team Part II – Collaboration

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It’s all about the team, the team and the team.

Yes, With every team member has day job and family, start-up work needs to be as effective as possible whenever each person is working and collaborating to finish several timelines and milestones.

We have been struggling with collaboration tools, both mobile and desktop, at the same time, trying to map our product road map (vision, mission) with the detail product development timeline, in other words, MVP (Minimum Viable Product). You can read definition of MVP here.

So one side of the scale has the right choice of collaboration tools, the other side has Product road map with the right choice of Project Management (both methodology as well as handling tool).

Since we are bootstrapping, we are not looking for seeding or funding at the moment,  searching for free and quality tools have been pain in the ass. Hopefully, below illustrated mechanism would evolve and mature while we grow further.

Here is a glance of our collaboration mechanism. Picture says a thousand words…



P.S all credit goes to all our founding team members for tireless searching of the right and the fittest tool for our start-up.

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