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Everyone has own inner voice. Whether it’s Joy, Sad, Anger or Fear.

Just like everyone else, I have fear. A lot to be exact, these days. And I am proud of it, because I knew that I have been trying new things a lot lately and fear coming from getting out of comfort zone. Well, I called it good fear and I am proud of it.

Due to HumbleLab nature of work, I need to go back to Yangon, at least once every month except April and December, January (new year holidays). And every time, I go back, I need to prepare, build objective and hitting them during my limited period of stay. Those includes arranging HumbleLab Business Talk, meeting potential clients, building partner teams at Yangon since I am based in Singapore,and the list goes on.

My point is not about boosting my business (busy iness), but about the fear I am facing every time I go back to Yangon. It’s not that I am afraid of my hometown, it’s just that I am doing and trying new things every time I go back. Started from Last September I begin my talk event, not one, but 3 in my first trip. And then on November, I did my first StartUp BootCamp (9 days), 200+ people show up. On February and March I started forming HumbleLab Consulting and Advisory team and meeting all Potential Partners, and those trips are my first ever Business Development trips. And many more trips to come.

Let’s put aside success or failure of those trips, the question is how do I manage my fear. My fear of rejection, my fear of failure, my fear of making mistakes, my fear of meeting new people, my fear of not meeting expectation, my fear of not accomplishing HumbleLab objectives, and my fear list goes on and on…
Since my childhood, I still remembered vividly, that my Father used to ask me to go and buy for him (Kwan yar) at the Main Street around night time 8 or 9 pm, which is quite far away from my house (10 mins walk , I feel like this walk never ends, of course, not in a good way). I was only 12 or 13 years old at that time. The little street connected to my house and the Main Street has 4 or 5 corners and it has big trees, bushes along the way, and there is no street lamp at all. I can see the street only by the dim lights that coming out from the houses along the street. Well, since my beloved country is famous of honouring Thomas Edison Now and Then, total black out is a norm. Of course, I always bring portable headlight. But what the heck…

Since that time, I have befriended with fear. I have no idea that she will come along in my life, but so far I think we have had very good relationship :).

Sorry for dragging too Long but how did I manage.

Simply put, I always look at my own fear very carefully, every time I met her, Just like meditating. Nature of the fear is that the more you neglect, the more influential to you. Every single time I look at her, she’s nothing but a mere thought, and there is no reason whatsoever of her existence. But there is something good about her, excitement, adventurous and she tease you in some ways. Last but not least, she always comes back when you least expect. Cute , huh ?

Another remedy is , to be natural, there is no need to be panic. We, human being are wired with fear, anger, sad and other emotional feelings. That doesn’t mean we have to surpass them. We need to let them go and be mindful while feeling those emotion.

Last but not least, we must make those feeling, irregardless of arising from negative or positive causes, to take something out of them, something good, something new to learn, something that motives us, something that move us forward and make our objectives accomplish no matter what.
After all, like I said, she is very cute in nature and all you have to know is how to nurture her.
Oh my precious Fear 🙂