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My Religion  (Triathlon 2013 and 2014)

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I have been hitting gym and swimming since 2009, regularly, 3 or 4 days a week as HP has very good facility for sports. However, I don’t have any purpose yet, just for the sake of looking good J , before I met my colleague on 2013, who has been organizing Triathlon for HP. Since then I am additive to this sport and it’s been very rewarding in terms of physically and emotionally. Without purpose and love, life is nothing right?


I started with Relay team for Triathlon 2013, together with my other colleagues. I was the swimmer and the other 2 were cycling and running. It was exciting as well as adventurous especially for me as I swam in the open water (750 m). There are so many differences between swimming in the pool and swimming in the open water. You need to swim against Tide, Rain or Shine, and scary of them all, need to swim with crowd. Yes I said CROWD, by definition, a large number people gathered together in a disorganized way, meaning, please do not expect any manner whatsoever while swimming. Luckily it wasn’t that much crowed in 2013, may be because I swam behind the crowd. However, unfortunately, one or two swimmers in front of me were drowning or cramping, a rescue boat was pumping a lot of waves for me to drown in hopeless. Well, I survived, but that’s was a learning moment.


So next year in 2014, I participated in Individual Sprint (750m Swim, 20km Bike, 5m Run), but this time I swim in the crowd. Another problem, lots of hitting and kicking in the middle of open water, it’s better than last one, I suppose. This year, the scary part was cycling, I have never seen anybody cycling that competitive and in aggressive manner. A few bike crashes in front of me, and splash of blood on the road, which makes me scare the hell out of me. After all, racing is just for fun and I am not aiming for Olympic medal or be an iron man. So my motto is yes, just for fun and survive the race , that’s all, the rest I give to all my competitors, just take it all you can.


Here are my not so fabulous photos of race day, I look shit , coming out from water.


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