My BookShelf

If I say Triathlon is my Religion, then Reading would be my Twin.

I may be exaggerating but that’s true. I am fortunate enough to grew up with a grandpa who read a lot and write a lot too, and there were a few journals and  columns he wrote and I had a chance to read them  during my childhood. And while I was reading those, I inspired to be writer.

But so far I am not writer yet. I confess , I do really have a spark to be a writer. That’s why this blog still live and now refresh with new form.

Anyway, here is a glimpse of my bookshelf. I don’t have so many books, but I do keep hard copies of books I like most. No matter how advance technology shape, still hard copy feel better than e-book.

I just put only a short note of what I feel for a particular book, you can click on the book cover and it will redirect to my notes.

Enjoy Reading.

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